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High School


Broaden the horizons

The program designed for secondary school students who practice sport at a competitive level.
With YWC it is possible to live an experience in a high school in the USA, through which to create the basis for becoming a student-athlete even in college.

1.Join the Academy

Submitting your application is the first step to enter the YWC Academy. The YWC Staff will carefully evaluate all the questions, selecting and inviting the profiles considered ready to start the path to become student-athlete to the dedicated camps.

2.Challenge yourself

The YWC Staff will evaluate the skills of the aspiring student-athletes, on the field or through any videos that will be sent by the candidates.
Discovering the football qualities and the academic path of each of them, we will analyze together the solution that best suits the qualities and ambitions of each child.

3.Start the journey

The YWC staff will be at the forefront along the entire path, helping young people to find the sports scholarship and the most suitable environment to express their potential.

4.Show your potential

The adventure in the United States is about to begin! Tutto pronto per scendere in campo e iniziare l’esperienza da studente-atleta in una high school

5.YWC Club Member

YWC mette a disposizione per i membri dell’Academy i servizi di supporto e mentorship.
Con l’aiuto dello Staff YWC sarà possibile completare gli studi una volta rientrati in Italia, potendo godere anche di speciali benefits per tornare negli Usa come studente-atleta del College.